Modern Garden Design

Exclusive garden design from a single source in Germany

Japan garden design, modern, individual, or by LuxuryTrees (R) is purely aesthetic. Our team of experienced landscaping experts with a view to thousands of years of cultural tradition of bonsai is always focusing on the sound Garden planning. Our team of professionals will be happy to support you from the planning stages of care of the grounds. Let yourself be inspired by the incredible ideas and take advantage of our comprehensive consultation.
Modern Garden Design
We design open you exactly as you imagine. On this trip, is a garden paradise dreams that appear gradually. Whether in a modern style, as Zen Garden, as outdoor or tea, with wood or natural stone – the creativity of our team is virtually unlimited.

The design harmoniously at the highest level

This unique, even luxurious bonsai interplay and other plants with precious stones chosen, shapely Skultpuren, water, and sand. The gradient of a harmonious and smooth transition between elements and colors form the basis of the characteristics is a garden paradise is balanced.

Our services include everything from consulting the execution. Create the perfect Garden of your dreams with the help of (R).

Did you know that tea from mainstream Buddhists is also closely related to the Japan tea? This is mainly about the “inner purification” all things secular and externally, not related to the inner, spiritual man.

The name of the Buddha for the tea garden is “Roji”. We will translate this into the term “path” or “path”. Thus, the curved path or a path in a tea garden that occupies a very important place. This causes a soft curved lines Hutong or a Pavilion, which is located in the Centre of the Park. At the tea house is supposed to be the center of your garden, which figuratively placed outside of your daily life. You can always go there if you want to escape from the stress and bustle of the daily life of a personal or professional for a few moments and symbolic break free from “regular land”. In this way, in each case, the traditional tea said in Japan, in what is called the Lotus Sutra, it can succeed in getting a new inner peace, calm the heart and purify the spirit.

If you give yourself a cup of tea in our cultural circles, the first and foremost against the background, stop for a moment, to pause and enjoy a delicious tea scent. In the tradition of Japan, it’s a little different, because here’s tea mainly serves the “inner” preparation for the arrival of the guest, where the ecological balance is absolute must always play a role in the movement of each and every step. Everything is well thought out from the start and was also intimately connected with the ceremony of the Millennium. The approach of mother nature and the “sign in” a self that is always in the foreground in this regard. In this context, one might also speak of tea at the highest level. However, if you take a look at the history of an ancient Buddhist monk, you know: the monks drinking tea they primarily to suppress their fatigue during their sometimes long hours of meditation.

We will be happy to assist you in the planning and implementation of Teegartens You and provide you with many years of experience.

Garden design that may be from Your TEEGARTENS
In accordance with the motto: “the way is the goal”, you can “Crown” slightly curved shape, sand or gravel routes in the heights Pavilion with Stone lanterns. Moss, rocks and sand to form the basis of further and should contribute to make its way to the tea house as soft and as comfortable as possible.

We also recommend put Tobi Ishi, called stepping stones. It is placed in a line, so that their line to the Pavilion. Shiki Ishi is also characteristic of the Japan tea. Set the Pavimente so that the road to the Centre of Teegartens you are so wide that you can be comfortable without treading down the edge. Consider the following: The monks often go toward a Hutong then. Therefore, the width of the road should also be born in your garden accordingly. Do you like to welcome guests to your tea? Then Shiki Ishi really ideal, while Tobi Ishi is especially recommended if you prefer to run Your Asian garden paradise on your own.

Garden design ideas

Tropical garden design may sound like it’s tough to attain, but once you know a few suggestions, it’s simpler than you think.

Exotic gardens usually resemble jungles with tons of lush foliage filling every nook and cranny.

Garden design ideas

As stated by Bunnings Greenlife buyer Kate Eggleton: “An tropical garden signifies attracting the vital elements of the tropics right to your backyard”

Tropical landscaping design thoughts

Bamboo and timber huts immediately spring into your mind, evoking a jungle holiday adventure, however that you never have to have plenty of space in order to achieve this look.

Anyone may put in a tropical garden motif if they understand the proper elements to add.

Speak with the local garden centre about the perfect method to add such tropical garden features to your landscape style.

Here would be Bunnings landscape buyer Katrina Gatt’s top tips to Obtaining a tropical sense in your own landscape:

Build a deck

Katrina says “A deck is not just a excellent method to develop a versatile entertaining place, but also a great way to bring a relaxing feel to the distance.

“Recall to choose good quality timber like merbau, to compliment the tropical texture and environment”

Add water attributes

What says tropical more than a part of water?

Katrina says: “The accession of water features into your garden can make a massive gap to the space, and offer the illusion of water trickling off tree canopies and throughout jungle beams.

“Water features are one of the simplest methods to create a tropical vibe.”

Pavers & pathways

Want to develop a lush escape from the everyday grind? Pathways will be the answer, in accordance with Katrina:

“Winding gravel paths and stepping stone pavers can offer any garden using a feel that is never-ending. These varieties of pathways can be used on your outdoor space to build a center point that contributes to your water feature, or perhaps a secluded seating location.”

Incorporate bamboo

Bamboo is the hallmark of a great tropical space.

Katrina says: “Position potted bamboo plants into your alfresco area, or use bamboo viewing panels as a backdrop for all those vibrant, tropical greenery”

Use ferns for ground cover

Ferns are your closest friend in case you would like fill out a place with lush greenery.

Katrina says: “Not a gorgeous plant to add greenery and fullness to a garden, ferns work magical in regards to ground cover. There are lots of hardy ferns available to outline your garden paths and reach the full, lush, and outward look.”

Top tropical backyard crops

Kate Eggleton says: “By choosing tropical plants and blossoms, perfecting the landscape, and tethered to a plants on an everyday basis, you can give your garden the feel of the tropics aside from where you live!”

Below are some suggestions for crops that can work to Create Your tropical backyard fantasy a reality:

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)

Is it a bird or is it a plant? Otherwise known as the Strelitzia, the Bird of Paradise plant is great for a beginner gardener.


Beautiful when in blossom, orchids are easy to include in a tropical space.

Kate says: “Orchids are simple to care for and may be placed on your alfresco dining room out in the garden to put in a pop of vibrancy and colour to a yard. They prefer warm climates and can remain in bloom for as much as half a year.

Palm trees

What says tropical a lot more than palm trees? Kate says: “This traditional tropical friend creates a amazing indoor and outside plant, also may be planted straight to the soil, or inside a big pot for more flexibility.

“The palm tree is very lasting and once fully grown, could provide amazing lines of colour over sunnier days. Based on your geographical area, select from a collection of cold-hardy or heat-tolerant palms trees to best suit your climate”