Simple Idea Determining Minimalist Bathroom Design

Simple Idea Determining Minimalist Bathroom Design

Minimalist style for a building is currently so popular because it is practical and does not require a wide place in its application.

Not only in the type of house, but in the bedroom, living room to the bathroom can apply this style.

The bathroom is an important element in a home although the use of the bathroom is not as frequent or as long as when in the bedroom but comfort in the bathroom should also be considered.

Minimalist bathroom design should look as simple as possible but still impressed neat and clean.

In addition, the bathroom that has a color or furniture that will certainly make a person comfortable when wearing them. Here are 5 minimalist bathroom designs:


1. Classic minimalist bathroom design

Meskipum minimalis but the bathroom can be added with a touch of classical style. Classic classical style can be obtained by using wooden bathroom furniture such as bucket and towel rack.

Meanwhile, to get a more modern classic style can use the bay window right next to the bathub.

But of course the use of this bay window in the upstairs bathroom or overlooking the garden / private garden to avoid the view of people who may pass.

It can also be by using a classic style chandelier or by sticking an oval mirror that surrounds have a distinctive engraving.

To bathubnya can by installing the curtain to add a classic impression as well as elegant.

2. Modern minimalist bathroom design

For minimalist bathroom design does not require complicated decoration. The modern bathrooms have simple furnishings with basic plain colors and not many shades.

Modern minimalist bathrooms usually also use a lot of glass elements to make the room look more spacious.

This bathroom furniture futuristic style with a sometimes abstract, such as the use of a unique bathub, the shape is not rectangular but tend to be like a bowl of cup.

Then a mirrored cabinet that functions as a glass at once to put toiletries. In addition, modern impression is also given from the shape and color of ceramics and the use of wallpaper on the bathroom wall.

Modern minimalist bathrooms commonly use bright and firm colors like light gray.

3. Simple minimalist bathroom design

Simple minimalist bathroom is not too much use of furniture and does not also seem luxurious. Furniture used is adapted to the bathroom space and appropriate.

Usually a simple minimalist bathroom design consists only of bathtubs and toilets therefore the land used is not much. Even if using a bathub or shower usually with a standard model.

For the toilet in a simple bathroom there are still using a squat toilet although there is also a used toilet seat.

For the selection of colors in the bathroom also uses a neutral color like white and brown, as well as ceramics.

Usually the ceramic model used is diamond or square shape but from non-slip material.

4. Minimalist bathroom design nuance

In contrast to the modern minimalist bathroom design, for the natural bathroom is more use of furniture that leaning nature.

Can by using a bathub made of natural stone black or white. Another furniture that can be used is a wall seal made of bamboo tree assemblies.

For the floor can be by using natural stones are mashed and arranged in such a way sehinggan safe to dipijak.

Natural shades must be related to green plants, to add a cool impression in the bathroom can be placed some small pots of flowers or cactus. Or it could be by sticking vines on the bathroom wall.

5. Minimalist bathroom design with shower and bathub

Want to have shower and bathub in one bathroom room all at once? It can be done. For a minimalist bathroom that has a little land can menyiasatinya by putting the shower on top of the bathub.

So despite having a minimalist bathroom but still have the choice of ways to cleanse the body.

To add a personal impression can be by giving clear plastic curtains or glass screen so that the bathroom room still looks spacious.

What should be considered is to be careful if the bath using the shower in the bathub, better to sit with a sitting position rather than standing so as not to lose balance because of slippery.